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Is an innovative company based in North Hollywood, California and has been specialized in Audio & Video Systems, as well as in the design and construction of Dedicated Home Cinemas, Hi – End Rooms, TV studios and Conference Rooms since 2005.

The company has also been installing Hi – End Automation since 2007, focusing on quality, detail and high aesthetic design.


Offering a wide range of services and products, AC-DC AUTOMATION INC. Undertakes not only the design but also the supervision of each project. These services include: the initial study, predict future upgrade (with specifications for the next 10 years), design, installation, supervision and of course full after service support for all kinds and types of buildings.

Applying the latest technology developments in automation, AC-DC AUTOMATION INC. Provides an assurance of a reliable and scalable automation system, with applications such as Intelligent Management Systems, Advanced Security Systems and CCTV (CCTV), Biometric Identification Systems and Controlled Access (Fingerprints), Management Systems Lighting and Climate Control, Sound and Image, Care of Special Areas Presentation (Presentation Rooms), Applications and Multiroom Media Servers, Networks and WI-FI for personal and professional areas.




Our team is made up of acclaimed professionals, designers, experts and special consultants that have extensive knowledge and long experience in the field. Our common feature is the passion for our science and our ongoing interest in new technological developments.

The expertise, the technology of the future, consistency and professionalism of staff and management are the features that ensure the AC-DC AUTOMATION INC. Superiority over the competition, as established in the higher Standards, with the reputation to become a model of reliability and innovation in the market.

What distinguishes us from the others is the fact that in AC-DC AUTOMATION INC. We are ready to suggest innovative and complete solutions to satisfy all needs, in a consistent and professional manner.

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